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I recently completed a PhD in Game Theory (Operations Research) from the Mathematics Department of Athens University, where I was advised by Prof. Costis Melolidakis. During my studies, I was a fellow of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. Prior to this, I received a Diplom in Mathematics from TU Darmstadt with distinction and a Msc in Statistics & Operations Research from Athens University, where I graduated as valedictorian.

My interests are in Game Theory and Operations Research, at the interface of Mathematics and Economics. In my PhD, I studied unimodality conditions in for stochastic pricing functions, dynamic models of Cournot competition, 2-stage pricing games and alternative solution concepts – that stem from the optimization rather than the equilibrium point of view – in bimatrix games.

Currently, I am working on a 18-month project on the strategic behavior of customers in queueing systems with Yiannis Dimitrakopoulos and Professor Antonis Economou and on a pricing problem in a 2-state service system with Athanasia Manou.

I also study Decision Theory with Elias Tsakas.

I am a member of Game Theory SocietyInternational Society of Dynamic GamesEconomic Chamber of Greece, Hellenic Mathematical Society, Alumni Verein der Deutschen Schule Athen and MENSA Greece.


Teaching & Research

Game Theory, Operations Research, Probability & Statistics

Stochastic Pricing, Bimatrix games, Supply Chains, Strategic behavior in queues, Voting Systems