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Here is a list of my talks in International Conferences or Workshops

  • 2017. Technion, The 9th annual conference of the Israeli chapter of the Game Theory Society. “On the commitment value and commitment optimal strategies in bimatrix games”.
  • 2017. SDSU (South Dakota State University). “Leadership games and Nash equilibria”. (invited)
  • 2016. GAMES 2016, Maastricht, Netherlands. “Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly”.
  • 2016. GTM10, St. Petersburg, Russia. “Cournot competition with an external supplier under capacity constraints and demand uncertainty”.
  • 2016. SING12, Odense, Denmark. “Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly”.
  • 2015. Excellence II, Athens University, Greece. “Mean Residual Lifetime in Economic Applications”.
  • 2015. M3ST, Kalamata, Greece. “Cournot competition and log-concave probability: An application”.

You can find here the slides of my talks:

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