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  • Game theory: equilibrium concepts, oligopolies, 2-stage games.
  • Revenue management: pricing, unimodality conditions, comparative statics.
  • Strategic behavior: voting systems, queues.


  • (2018) S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, On the commitment value and commitment optimal strategies in bimatrix games, International Game Theory Review. [arxiv][journal]
  • (2018) S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Selling to Cournot oligopolists: pricing under uncertainty & generalized mean residual life, Job Market Paper (submitted, under revision). [arxiv]
  • (2018) C. Koki, S. Leonardos & C. MelolidakisComparative statics via stochastic orders in a two-echelon supply chain, under submission. [arxiv]
  • (2018) C. Koki, S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, The Greek Parliament of 2012: coalition formations & power indices in context, under submission. [arxiv]
  • (2017) S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly, under revision. [arxiv]

Work in progress

You may find my research statement here.

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