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  • Game Theory: oligopolistic competition, incomplete information
  • 2-stage, dynamic bimatrix games
  • Pricing & strategic behavior in supply chains/ service systems
  • Decision Theory


Here is a list of my papers. You can find links to extended summaries below or access the full articles on arxiv.org

  1. S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, On the commitment value and commitment optimal strategies in bimatrix games, International Game Theory Review (forthcoming), 2017. https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.08888
  2. S. Leonardos & C. MelolidakisSelling to Cournot oligopolists: pricing under uncertainty & generalized mean residual life, 2017.  https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.09618
  3. S. Leonardos & C. Melolidakis, Endogenizing the cost parameter in Cournot oligopoly, under revision, 2016. https://arxiv.org/abs/1601.07365

Currently, I am working on

  1. Y. Dimitrakopoulos, A. Economou and S. Leonardos, Strategic customer behavior in a queueing system alternating between peak and off-peak periods, working paper.
  2. S. Leonardos and E. Tsakas, Subjective probabilities with state-dependent preferences, work in progress.
  3. O. Kanavetas, A. Manou, S. Leonardos, Optimal pricing policies in a two-state service system, work in progress.


During my graduate studies, I was advised by Professor C. Melolidakis and my research concentrated on leadership (or commitment) games and Cournot competition. Recently, and upon completion of the main workload of my dissertation, I engaged into an 18-month research project on the strategic behavior of customers in a queueing system under the supervision of Professor A. Economou, member of my PhD committee.

You can find here my research statement in pdf format.

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