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My research profile & goals

My work in the research projects that I have completed, involved mainly, extensive literature reviews, drawing connections between notions found therein and understanding/applying the concepts – tools used in the derivation of existing results. To a lesser extent, I formulated and analyzed own questions or problems. Having completed successfully these tasks, gives me confidence to pursue postdoctoral studies. Currently, the prospect of joining the research team of experts in my field and working with sophisticated mathematical or economic models is exciting. However, to set the basis for an effective collaboration, I would like to equally underline my weaknesses. This will allow my abilities to match the expectations of my prospective collaborators and will foster a productive working environment.

In this respect, and when comparing my work with that of other researchers in my field, I identify the following as my two greatest weaknesses. Firstly, I lack the sophisticated mathematical knowledge that I encounter in certain papers that I study. Although, I acknowledge that sometimes the most intriguing ideas and results are derived by “simple” mathematics or that the spectrum of knowledge even in a specific research field can be vast, I consider necessary for my future record to specialize in certain complex mathematical notions and apply them in games or economics in general. Secondly, I lack the confidence or the skill to stand, at the current stage, as an independent researcher, i.e. to formulate my ideas into tractable mathematical problems and develop them into complete research papers.

My aim to work on these, closely connected, weaknesses, is shaping my current professional goals. For this reason, I would like to join the team of an expert in my field — Game Theory or Economics with focus on Decision Theory — and work under his guidance in a research-oriented environment. It is my expectation, that in this way I will be able to build on the knowledge that I have gained during my studies and at the same time enhance my skills by studying advanced mathematical tools and economic concepts in an independent framework.

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