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My teaching experience

I have served as Teaching Assistant in Analysis I-II, linear and non-linear Optimization and Functional Analysis courses, as a third and fourth year undergraduate at the TU Darmstadt. The exercises were held in small groups of at most 15-20 students and I was respon-sible for tutoring them in the classroom, correcting their homework and assisting them with one-to-one guidance whenever requested. I also volunteered in the at-campus support (study) center for students.

As a graduate at the University of Athens, I TA’ed several courses of the Section of Statistics & Operations Research, including mainly Probability I for mathematical and non-mathematical disciplines, Probability II and Game Theory at both undergraduate and graduate level. The classrooms were much larger and tutoring required close collaboration with the responsible faculty member as well as own initiatives.

To gain experience as an independent lecturer and exposure to more mathematical subjects during my graduate studies, I sought and gained employment as an instructor for Probability & Statistics at the Private Institute for Higher Education “Arnos”. The Institute attracted students that were unable to attend the lectures at their university for any reason and generally students from all disciplines who felt that they were in need for additional help with their studies. Through conventional (classroom with interactive board or private lesson) and e-learning methods (e-lessons, recorded video-lessons, online platforms), it covered a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from statistics for quality control or dynamic programming for engineers to econometrics, sampling and stochastic processes for mathematicians.

I benefited the most from this experience by deepening my knowledge and intuition on many subjects of my specialization as a graduate student. In addition, I improved on tailoring my teaching to the audience and on many of my classroom skills. Most importanly, from my occupation as a lecturer, I gained many fulfilling experiences, that I want to enrich in the future. Working with graduate students and mentoring them in conducting research remains a challenge for me.

The above experiences would not be possible without the help of my Professors and especially without the continuous support and guidance of my PhD advisor, Costis Melolidakis.

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